VZLU Technologies, a.s.

VZLU TECHNOLOGIES was established in 2013 as the first subsidiary company of VZLU - The Czech AeroSpace Research Centre (established 1922).

VZLU Technologies‘ main mission is to mediate for mother company:

  • Sale of results from research, development and inovation activites
  • Sale of VZLU's products,
  • Merchandising,
  • Etc.


Wind Tunnel Composite Fan Blades
Industrial Composite Fans
UAVs and Drones Composite Airframe
Wind Tunnel Equipment
Models for Airflow Testing    




A radome functions as a protective cover for a radar or other antenna systems while minimizing the electro-magnetic impact on performance. It provides the antenna system with a controlled environment shielding sensitive equipment from weather related stresses such as wind, snow, ice, salt spray, etc. VZLU Technologies supplies advanced composite radome products and services.



We have experience in manufacturing primary and secondary aircraft (civilian, UAV, drone) composite structures.


Wind tunnel equipment

Since the days of the Wright brothers, wind tunnels have been effective and indispensable tools in developing aircraft and spacecraft. Experiments using wind tunnels on the ground have become constant parts of the preparation for manufacturing and flight testing actual aircraft. VZLU Technologies specializes on manufacture and sale of high-quality wind tunnel equipment – the products we can offer are internal and external balance, oscillation balance, model positioning system, traversing system or probes and model manipulators. Our company also designs and builds precision wind tunnel models for airflow testing outfitted with pressure taps and other sensors.


Composite Fan Blades


Approval Certificates

Quality system certificate ISO 9001:2008 issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance


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